An Upcoming Las Vegas Tech Library & Coworking-Lite Community Space

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Originally located in Downtown Las Vegas, /usr/lib was pivotal in starting the #vegastech community. After opening, /usr/lib became a hotspot of tech startup activity and local user group meetups. After three fantastic years, the /usr/lib project was considered a success and it's doors were closed.

Re-Opening in the first half of 2017, /usr/lib will be centrally located in Las Vegas near the University of Las Vegas. Our goal is to grow the Las Vegas tech community by embracing anyone experienced or interested in technology, providing education of popular related topics, and building excitement about #vegastech through community events and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big will the space be?

We are currently evaluating different locations; however, we're looking to have a space that is between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet.

What will be the operating hours?

/usr/lib will be available to members 24/7. Staff will be present during normal business hours and afterhour access will be available through key card access.

How much will membership cost?

This is still being decided; however, we want it to be as affordable as possible. Our goal will be to have costs be cheaper than a gym membership and you get to workout your mind.

Is /usr/lib a non-profit organization?

/usr/lib is formed as an LLC in the state of Nevada. The goal of /usr/lib is not to turn a profit but to be a community space first. Operational costs are covered by membership fees and sponsorships from organizations. Ideally, we'd like to convert to a non-profit organization after launch.

Are you competing with Work In Progress and RedFlint?

There are other exciting spaces in Downtown Las Vegas that have additional services such as acceleration and mentoring. /usr/lib will work with these other organizations so that individuals in need of those services know where to go. The location of /usr/lib focuses on a region of Las Vegas that these other facilities may not be visible to. Ultimately, we all want to see the #vegastech community grow and have the best resources available to them.

Who's In Charge Here?

My name is Taylor Dondich. I'm born and raised in Las Vegas and I'm passionate about building the tech community here. You can find me on linkedin (www.linkedin.com/in/tdondich) and on twitter (@tdondich).